Plugin API documentation


Each plugin inheriting BasePlugin has an api member variable, which refers to a PluginAPI object.

The PluginAPI object is an a interface through which the BasePlugin (and inheritors) should go to interact with poezio. If it is not sufficient, then the core member can be used.


Example plugins

Example 1: Add a simple command that sends "Hello World!" into the conversation

class Plugin(BasePlugin):
    def init(self):
        self.add_command('hello', self.command_hello, "Send 'Hello World!'")

    def command_hello(self, arg):
        self.core.send_message('Hello World!')

Example 2: Adds an event handler that sends “tg” to a groupchat when a message is received from someone named “Partauche”

class Plugin(BasePlugin):
    def init(self):
        self.add_event_handler('muc_msg', self.on_groupchat_message)

    def on_groupchat_message(self, message, tab):
        if message['mucnick'] == "Partauche":