End-to-end Encryption API documentation


Please refer to BasePlugin for more information on how to write plugins.

Example plugins

Example 1: Base64 plugin

from base64 import b64decode, b64encode
from poezio.plugin_e2ee import E2EEPlugin
from slixmpp import Message

class Plugin(E2EEPlugin):
    """Base64 Plugin"""

    encryption_name = 'base64'
    encryption_short_name = 'b64'
    eme_ns = 'urn:xmpps:base64:0'

    # This encryption mechanism is using <body/> as a container
    replace_body_with_eme = False

    def decrypt(self, message: Message, _tab) -> None:
            Decrypt base64
        body = message['body']
        message['body'] = b64decode(body.encode()).decode()

    def encrypt(self, message: Message, _tab) -> None:
            Encrypt to base64
        # TODO: Stop using <body/> for this. Put the encoded payload in another element.
        body = message['body']
        message['body'] = b64encode(body.encode()).decode()