Time marker

Display the time between two messages.

Helps you identify the times of a conversation. For example if you disable the timestamps, and remove the join/quit notifications in a chatroom, you can’t really distinguish when a conversation stopped and when a new one started, because you don’t have a visual separation between the two.

This plugin displays a message in the conversation indicating the time that passed between two messages, if the time is bigger than X minutes (configurable, of course. Default is 15 minutes). This way you know how many time elapsed between them, letting you understand more easily what is going on without any visual clutter.


You can configure the minimum delay between two messages, to display the time marker, in seconds. The default is 10 minutes (aka 600 seconds).

delay = 600


Messages like “2 hours, 25 minutes passed…” are automatically displayed into the converstation. You don’t need to (and can’t) do anything.