Simple notify

This plugin lets you execute a command, to notify you from new important messages.

Installation and configuration

You need to create a plugin configuration file. Create a file named simple_notify.cfg into your plugins configuration directory (~/.config/poezio/plugins by default), and fill it like this:

First example:

command = notify-send -i /path/to/poezio/data/poezio_80.png "New message from %(from)s" "%(body)s"

Second example:

command = echo \<%(from)s\> %(body)s >> some.fifo
delay = 3
after_command = echo >> some.fifo

You can put any command, instead of these ones. You can also use the special keywords %(from)s and %(body)s that will be replaced directly in the command line by the author of the message, and the body.

The first example shown above will display something like this:

Simple notify example

The second example will first write the author and the message in a fifo, that fifo can locally be read by some other program (was tested with the xmobar PipeReader command, which displays what is read from a fifo into a status bar. Be careful, you have two different fifos in that case, don’t get confused). The delay and after_command options are used to erase/delete/kill the notification after a certain delay. In our example it is used to display an empty message in our xmobar, erasing the notification after 3 seconds.

Third example:

command = notify-send -i /path/to/poezio/data/poezio_80.png "New message from %(from)s" "%(body)s"
muc_too = true
muc_list =

If present and set to True, the muc_too option will also trigger a notification when a new message arrives on a Multi User Chat you've joined.

If present and set to a colon separated list of muc JIDs, muc_list together with muc_too = true will only notify when a new message arrives on a Multi User Chat, you've joined if it is present on the list.


If you set the exec_remote option to true into the main configuration file, the command will be executed remotely (as explained in the Link plugin help).

Options defined


Command to run after delay. You probably want to clean up things.


The command to execute (with special keywords %{from}s and ${body}s)


Delay after which after_command must be executed.


Boolean indicating whether new messages in Multi User Chat rooms should trigger a notification or not.