Replace some patterns in a message before sending it.


Insert a pattern in the form


in your message, and it will be replaced by the corresponding text.

The list of provided patterns is:

  • time: Insert the current time

  • date: Insert the current date

  • datetime: Insert the current date and time

  • random_nick: Insert a random nick from the current MUC

  • dice: Insert a random number between 1 and 6

Add your own pattern

You can easily edit this plugin to add your own patterns. For example if don’t want to search for an insult every time you’re angry, you can create a curse pattern this way:

  • In the init(self) method of the Plugin class, add something like

self.patterns['curse'] = replace_curse
  • then define a function (not a method of the Plugin class) at the bottom of the file. For example:

def replace_curse(message, tab):
    return random.choice(['dumb shit', 'idiot', 'moron'])

and you can now use something like

Shut up, %curse%!

in your everyday-conversations.

For more convenience, you can read your nice words from a file, do whatever you want in that function, as long as it returns a string.