Plugin destined to be used together with the Biboumi IRC gateway.

For more information about Biboumi, please see the official website.

This plugin is here as a non-default extension of the poezio configuration made to work with IRC rooms and logins. It also defines commands aimed at reducing the amount of effort needed to navigate smoothly between IRC and XMPP rooms.


Every feature of this plugin is centered around its configuration file, so you have to make sure it is filled properly.

Global configuration



The JID of the IRC gateway to use. If empty, will be used. Please try to run your own, though, it’s painless to setup.


Default: true

Set to true if you want to join all the rooms and try to authenticate with nickserv when the plugin gets loaded. If it set to false, you will have to use the /irc_login command to authenticate, and the /irc_join command to join preconfigured rooms.


There is no nickname option because the default from poezio will be used.

Server-specific configuration

Write a configuration section for each server, with the server address as the section name, and the following options:


Default: [empty]

Your nickname on this server. If empty, the default configuration will be used.

rooms [IRC plugin]

Default: [empty]

The list of rooms to join on this server (e.g. #room1:#room2).


If no login_command or login_nick is set, the authentication phase won’t take place and you will join the rooms without authentication with nickserv or whatever.



Usage: /irc_join <room or server>

Join the specified room on the same server as the current tab (can be a private conversation or a chatroom). If a server that appears in the conversation is specified instead of a room, the plugin will try to join all the rooms configured with autojoin on that server.


Usage: /irc_query <nickname> [message]

Open a private conversation with the given nickname, on the same IRC server as the current tab (can be a private conversation or a chatroom). Doing /irc_query foo "hello there" when the current tab is is equivalent to /message "hello there"

Example configuration

gateway =

nickname = mynick
login_nick = nickserv
login_command = identify mypassword
rooms = #testroom1:#testroom2

nickname = anothernick
login_nick = C
login_command = nick identify mypassword
rooms = #testvroum