Source code for slixmpp.stanza.presence

# Slixmpp: The Slick XMPP Library
# Copyright (C) 2010  Nathanael C. Fritz
# This file is part of Slixmpp.
# See the file LICENSE for copying permission.
from slixmpp.stanza.rootstanza import RootStanza
from slixmpp.xmlstream import StanzaBase

[docs]class Presence(RootStanza): """ XMPP's <presence> stanza allows entities to know the status of other clients and components. Since it is currently the only multi-cast stanza in XMPP, many extensions add more information to <presence> stanzas to broadcast to every entry in the roster, such as capabilities, music choices, or locations (XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities and XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol). Since <presence> stanzas are broadcast when an XMPP entity changes its status, the bulk of the traffic in an XMPP network will be from <presence> stanzas. Therefore, do not include more information than necessary in a status message or within a <presence> stanza in order to help keep the network running smoothly. Example <presence> stanzas: .. code-block:: xml <presence /> <presence from=""> <show>away</show> <status>Getting lunch.</status> <priority>5</priority> </presence> <presence type="unavailable" /> <presence to="" type="subscribe" /> Stanza Interface: - **priority**: A value used by servers to determine message routing. - **show**: The type of status, such as away or available for chat. - **status**: Custom, human readable status message. Attributes: - **types**: One of: available, unavailable, error, probe, subscribe, subscribed, unsubscribe, and unsubscribed. - **showtypes**: One of: away, chat, dnd, and xa. """ name = 'presence' namespace = 'jabber:client' plugin_attrib = name interfaces = {'type', 'to', 'from', 'id', 'show', 'status', 'priority'} sub_interfaces = {'show', 'status', 'priority'} lang_interfaces = {'status'} types = {'available', 'unavailable', 'error', 'probe', 'subscribe', 'subscribed', 'unsubscribe', 'unsubscribed'} showtypes = {'dnd', 'chat', 'xa', 'away'} def __init__(self, *args, recv: bool = False, **kwargs): """ Initialize a new <presence /> stanza with an optional 'id' value. Overrides StanzaBase.__init__. """ StanzaBase.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) if not recv and self['id'] == '': if use_ids = getattr(, 'use_presence_ids', None) if use_ids: self['id'] =
[docs] def set_show(self, show: str): """ Set the value of the <show> element. :param str show: Must be one of: away, chat, dnd, or xa. """ if show is None: self._del_sub('show') elif show in self.showtypes: self._set_sub_text('show', text=show) return self
[docs] def get_type(self) -> str: """ Return the value of the <presence> stanza's type attribute, or the value of the <show> element if valid. """ out = self._get_attr('type') if not out and self['show'] in self.showtypes: out = self['show'] if not out or out is None: out = 'available' return out
[docs] def set_type(self, value: str): """ Set the type attribute's value, and the <show> element if applicable. :param str value: Must be in either self.types or self.showtypes. """ if value in self.types: self['show'] = None if value == 'available': value = '' self._set_attr('type', value) elif value in self.showtypes: self['show'] = value return self
[docs] def del_type(self): """ Remove both the type attribute and the <show> element. """ self._del_attr('type') self._del_sub('show')
[docs] def set_priority(self, value: int): """ Set the entity's priority value. Some server use priority to determine message routing behavior. Bot clients should typically use a priority of 0 if the same JID is used elsewhere by a human-interacting client. :param int value: An integer value greater than or equal to 0. """ self._set_sub_text('priority', text=str(value))
[docs] def get_priority(self): """ Return the value of the <presence> element as an integer. :rtype: int """ p = self._get_sub_text('priority') if not p: p = 0 try: return int(p) except ValueError: # The priority is not a number: we consider it 0 as a default return 0
[docs] def reply(self, clear=True): """ Create a new reply <presence/> stanza from ``self``. Overrides StanzaBase.reply. :param bool clear: Indicates if the stanza contents should be removed before replying. Defaults to True. """ new_presence = StanzaBase.reply(self, clear) if self['type'] == 'unsubscribe': new_presence['type'] = 'unsubscribed' elif self['type'] == 'subscribe': new_presence['type'] = 'subscribed' return new_presence