I cannot connect.

  1. Check that you are still connected to the internet.

  2. Double-check your credentials.

  3. Check the security settings, maybe your server does not support encryption, or only with weak parameters (like gmail).

  4. Maybe your DNS are wrong, try setting the custom_host option with the server IP.

  5. Overzealous firewall?

  6. Running poezio with -d file.txt (debug mode) might reveal your issues.

  7. Come see us from the web client to discuss your issues further.

The outline of poezio is not displayed and unicode characters are broken

We believe we (or unrelated people) have reported the bug of python3 compiled against the wrong ncurses to every significant distribution out there, but if there is still one with it, please go ahead and report it.

Poezio tracebacks with weird encoding errors

Please check your locale for utf-8 compatibility.

Python is too heavy

We know. It’s too late to change that. If you are running your XMPP client on a toaster, please try mcabber.

Other issues

Some things may appear in $XDG_DATA_HOME/poezio/logs/errors.log. (or a user-defined log_dir/errors.log)