reorder plugin: Reorder the tabs according to a layout



Usage: /reorder

Reorder the tabs according to the configuration.


Usage: /save_order

Save the current tab order to the configuration.


The configuration file must contain a section [reorder] and each option must be formatted like [tab number] = [tab type]:[tab name].

For example:

1 =
2 =
3 =

The [tab number] must be at least 1; if the range is not entirely covered, e.g.:

1 =
3 =

Poezio will insert gaps between the tabs in order to keep the specified numbering (so in this case, there will be a tab 1, a tab 3, but no tab 2).

The [tab type] must be one of:

  • muc (for multi-user chats)

  • private (for chats with a specific user inside a multi-user chat)

  • dynamic (for normal, dynamic conversations tabs)

  • static (for conversations with a specific resource)

And finally, the [tab name] must be:

  • For a type muc, the bare JID of the room

  • For a type private, the full JID of the user (room JID with the username as a resource)

  • For a type dynamic, the bare JID of the contact

  • For a type static, the full JID of the contact